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Alain BEGUE: my background.


" I am  entrepreneur since 1987 when I created CABINET BEGUE as a liberal then transformed into Sarl then recently into Sasu. Previously, I was in summary successively a teacher in history-geography (I hold a Dea in history, Panthéon-Sorbonne) then in charge of a training center (I also have a Dea in adult training, Cnam from Paris). At CABINET BEGUE, I trained salespeople, secretaries and entrepreneurs for more than 30 years. Recently, I have been practicing almost all of my activity in the field of business creation and takeover (around 1,500 projects supported in all sectors of activity with various audiences). I also work in an incubator. Today, I have acquired expertise in the field of social and solidarity economy ". 

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Alain BEGUE: my personal values.


" When I started, I knew almost nothing about entrepreneurship in view of my background. I followed a lot of training before and after my registration. I took out loans to have cash (working capital) And luckily, I had clients waiting for me following my prospecting. I did not count my working hours. I wanted so much to succeed, to be recognized and to surpass myself.

I think I have become much more Zen today. Sport and meditation help a lot. I no longer try to systematically perform as before. It wears out quickly. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I delegate the management of these. I am also more respectful of the environment by trying to reduce my ecological footprint on a daily basis. I am sensitive to biodiversity. I listen more and don't hesitate to admit my mistakes. Regularly questioning yourself is good. This opens the mind and leads to new solutions ".  


Alain BEGUE: my teaching methods.
" I adapt first to the person's learning profile: more speaking with someone more auditory or more writing with a visual for example. Then I take into account their ability and their demand for autonomy which will then orient the complementary personal work. I like to alternate thematic presentations and practical exercises. At the end of each session - in distance as in face-to-face -, I always propose specific and concrete objectives to be achieved for the following sequence. There are debriefed and this helps to move your project forward. My training does not lead to certification, it facilitates the assessments planned at the end of each module (multiple choice questionnaire or case study in general) ". 
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